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Small Softpack First Aid Kit

Small Softpack First Aid Kit


This Kit Is Compliant for category C Australia Wide including NSW, QLD, VIC, WA. It is designed for Hikers, Sports, Trainer, Car Kit and Travelling. Content Includes:

Adhesive Strip, Plastic, 72 X 19mm (20/Pack)X 1
Adhesive Strips, Plastic, Assorted (20/Pack)X 1
Gloves, Disposable, Large (2/Pack)X 1
Antiseptic Alcohol Wipe/Swab, SterileX 2
Antiseptic Wipe/Swab, Sterowipe, Non-Sting, Alcohol Free, SterileX 2
Conforming Bandage, 5cm, WhiteX 1
Cotton Tips, 7.5cm, Double Ended, Pk100X 1
Cpr Face Shield, Disposable With Non-Return ValveX 1
Emergency First Aid Information Booklet. Dl Size First Aid BasicsX 1
Eye Pads, Sterile, Pk1X 1
Eyewash Ampoule, 30mlX 1
Forceps, Steel 8cmX 1
Non-Adherent Dressing, 10cm X 7.5cm SterileX 1
Paper Tape, 1.25cm X 9m, Hypo-Allergenic WhiteX 1
Povi Iodine SwabsX 2
Rescue / Thermal Blanket Silver SpaceX 1
Safety Pins Card Of 12 AssortedX 1
Scissors, Steel 9cmX 1
Splinter Probe, 4cm, DisposableX 5
Triangular Bandage, N/W Disposable, 110cmX 1
  • Collect from Bracken Ridge or $10 for Postage

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